Useful Information

The traffic in the city center is limited and parking is prohibited . The access to the media and allowed only from 05:00 AM- 09: 30AM and 13:00 PM-16 : 00PM . For tourists who arrive by car and they booked the facilities to the city center and can only enter for unloading and loading luggage .

The parking lots in Cefalu are or may become a problem , however our advice and not to despair and to have a little ' patience. These are the warnings: WHITE LINES you can park without restriction unless they find written "FOR RESIDENTS " in this case you can not park . BLUE LINES during June 1 and September 30 are charged the cost is 0.50 cents per hour instead on the waterfront EUR 1.00 per hour. during other times of the year are to be paid only at the Via Roma. If you want to find a secure parking just go to Via Verga a side street of Via Roma, there is a multilevel charge, or during the summer on the waterfront of Cefalu parking spaces are on the areas near the beaches . Very imported to the camper is interdito parking or parking on the seafront .

The tap water is safe to drink in Cefalu , even if it tastes good view of the recent construction of water purifying it can be used for domestic purposes. We advise you to drink to buy bottled water .

For your Cart: There are two large supermarkets as well as many other small food scattered around the center of all the action but recommend for a technical reason we mention the two most important also because the only two with the possibility of parking ; For your recommend spending Hyper- Sidis located Vazzana the street ( near the post office ) with parking, the other is located in the district Conad Gallizza immediately after crossing the level crossing towards Palermo also Conad you can park. both are open : daily from 08:30 pm - 12: 30/16.30-20 : 30, except Sundays when it is open only in the morning in summer - On Saturday there is a market , where you can buy food , the vegetables , clothes, etc. . The market is located on the street behind the castle between the cemetery and the hotel fisherman, is open from 08:00 to 13:00.
Public transport: A Cefalu and present a good public transport , consisting of three lines of the bus is inexpensive recommend everyone to take the bus . And ' possible to see the maps in all tourist offices also at the office Sicilianbreak .
Shopping in the Old Town is a great half for tourists to do some good buys so many clothes shops, selling local produce and pottery , wine , etc. .. in short, running through the streets of the center you can find anything for this reason most with tourists aspire to spend your stay in Hotels in the city center.

Internet Point: Near Piazza Duomo at Via XXV Novembre is the literary Caffe Galleria where you can connect to the internet.

People: The people of Cefalu is very warm and friendly , the place is very quiet even though in periods of several other season come many local swimmers who flock to the beaches , just a week in Cefalu to become friends with everyone.

Museum: We recommend you to all of you to visit the Mandralisca museum is open daily from 08:30 to 18:00 in this museum you can see and admire the famous painting by Antonella da Messina " The unknown sailor ."

The Cathedral: Opening hours from 08:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00.

Parco della Rocca: Open daily from 08:30 to 18:00.